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Environmental management

Over the years, the company adhere to increase R & D investment, persist in using high technology to transformtraditional industries, vigorously develop the "two high and one low" characteristics of the special cotton pulp,completely out of the traditional, chemical pollution load larger cotton pulp products. Sewage treatment companyincreased investment in expansion, renovation, and improve the company a sewage treatment facilities at the sametime, in 2006 invested more than 3000 million, built and put into use two sewage treatment plant. Actively organizetechnical personnel to carry out clean production processes and integrated wastewater treatment technology challenges, public relations, research and development of new processes using anaerobic wastewater treatment, theinvestment over 800 million yuan to build a tower to 4 # anaerobic, while successfully solved the problem of sewagetreatment bleaching. Through the adjustment of product structure, increase investment in sewage treatment, theuse of cleaner production processes and new sewage treatment process, strengthen the standardized operation, toachieve a stable discharge of sewage treatment, completely solve the long-term threat to the survival and development of the company's environmental problems.

Sludge thickener

1-4# I C Anaerobic tower