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Corporate Culture

 Xuelong Although the company is only 20 years of history, but the company has always attached great importance to the role of corporate culture , give full play to the enterprise culture on the formation of a good corporate role in promoting and safeguarding mechanisms , enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness. It is also among the top specialty Xuelong can batter chart top spot in one of the important reasons . The essence of corporate culture corporate philosophy , the company's philosophy on the performance on the corporate values .

  First, Xuelong Hierarchy of corporate culture

  ○ Surface Snow Dragon Culture: Snow Dragon logo, factory song factory flag , center building , advertising, sample exhibition room, park green , trademarks, ...... ;

  ○ Shallow Snow Dragon Culture : Staff courtesy , quality, standard blue dress ; rapid response, immediate action style , ......; 

  ○ Middle Xuelong Culture : 

  ( A ) Products: eco-friendly , user-oriented products Xuelong , " banknote paper , security paper, cotton pulp ", " cotton pulp cellulose derivatives ", " industrial specialty cotton pulp ", " cotton pulp cellulose acetate " " viscose fiber cotton pulp "," refined cotton "," cotton "and other products embodied environmental cultural and scientific connotations ; 

  ( Two ) Services: Customer needs survey , the production line on-site visits , custom product design ; 

  ○ Deep Snow Dragon culture: " the details of management ," " performance- Heroes " and " innovation management " ......; 

  Second, the concept of eighteen Xuelong

  The first thing sincere and Cheng were self into

  The second system of corporate supremacy supreme supreme staff

  Article sincere winning

  Article not the biggest but for the most

  Article no sense of crisis is the biggest crisis

  Article look for a job and not the person is not a person

  Article VII should " and not with " and not " and different"

  Article denial of self beyond self

  Article IX Inf

  Article Attitude is everything

  Article XI to performance of "Hero"

  Article XII should " Daci " and not " Hsiao Tsu "

  Article XIII curried

  Article XIV biggest problem is not a problem

  Article XV strive every day to do everything

  Article XVI allowed to make mistakes not make the same mistake

  Article XVII "almost " is " much worse "

  Article XVIII to do good shepherd

  Third, the purpose of the enterprise

  In order to achieve common prosperity for the purpose of full , corporate managers must seek benefits for employees , corporate management must be "people-oriented ."

  Fourth, the core competitiveness of enterprises

  Fine management boutique city legislature

  Technology development capability , product competitiveness , management ability, innovation mechanism is shaping Xuelong core competitiveness of enterprises of the four elements .

  Fifth, innovation is the core of enterprise culture

  It is in the course of development Xuelong two decades to produce and gradually form a unique cultural system . Xuelong culture to the concept of innovation as a precursor to strategic innovation as the direction to the organization for the protection of innovation , technology and innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal , along with the Xuelong from small to big, from big to strong from China to the world.

  Six , Xuelong entrepreneurship

  Innovation, is always the same corporate language Xuelong . Higher goal is Xuelong ultimate pursuit .

  Seven , Xuelong concept of talent

  You have the ability , the company will give you set the stage , let you play yourself.

  Now is not lack of talent, but talent mechanism . Manager 's responsibility is to build through the "stage" for each employee to create room for innovation , so that each employee can play to their strengths.

  Eight , employing the principle of

  First, fair competition , merit ; Second grade fitness of their energy, expertise and resources ; third is the rational flow of dynamic management.