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Our summer student activities undertaken

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      WASHINGTON "Another year summer season, Xuelong round your college dream." August 19 and 21 pm,Xuelong Company in 2013 was admitted to the University City in a poverty-stricken students and admitted to theundergraduate college and the company outstanding children of staff to carry out summer student activities.

    Caring student is Xuelong company two decades has been upheld tradition. This year, the company launchedstudent activities funding is targeted for a high school, High School, Middle School and other three grades of 30 poorstudents, when admitted to more than 20 undergraduate students from poor families, especially poor families, fivestudents and Company poor workers families poor students, the company contract employees, poor families

   including working at the company for more than two years in the post of temporary and seasonal workers' children)and management and technical personnel employed by children to participate in 2013 unified national college exam,was admitted to college and above those institutions. For the "caring student," Tao always give very seriously, herequested to actively cooperate with relevant units to do this work, and require companies to establish a sound long-term mechanism student aid, multi-channel financing to help in various forms student, and actively guide the

    community to support student activities, and promote the formation of the whole society to help children realize theirdreams University difficulties workers a good atmosphere.

    The company launched "summer student" activities, mainly to resolve the problems and difficulties of workersifficult problem of school children of migrant workers, the charity, in the company and in the community not onlyachieved a good reputation, but also produced a good effect.

   It is understood that this summer student activities, helping the company a total of nearly 61 hard workers andchildren of migrant workers realize their college dream, student funds totaling 300,000 yuan.