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Shanghai Pangu and Anhui SDCP signed Cooperation Agreement

发布日期:2020-09-02 浏览次数:1610

WASHINGTON August 15 morning, the company and the Shanghai Pangu Genesis Asset Management Ltd. inSuzhou International Hotel signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the company president and generalmanager Taozhen home with partners on behalf of the company vice president Zhao meng fufilled formal theagreement was signed procedures. Luo Hong, vice mayor attended the ceremony; directly under the relevantdepartments, City Economic Development Zone, Bridge District government responsible persons attended theceremony.

     At the signing ceremony, Tao always delivered an important speech, the first of the two companies signed astrategic cooperation framework agreement congratulations. He pointed out that Shanghai Pangu Genesis is theleading company has strong strength of the investment company. Contact the company after more than a year,communication, negotiation, and today, finally become strategic partners. And stressed the basic scheme of bilateralstrategic cooperation is the Shanghai Pangu in cash, Xuelong Company old factory land (including subsidiaries ofHenderson Land) and plant funded jointly set up a new company. After the establishment of the new company, oneof the original Xuelong company factory to undertake all the overall relocation project; Second, the two sides makejoint efforts to achieve complementary advantages, as soon as the new company bigger and stronger. Meanwhile,General Tao also pointed out that the implementation of the city back into the garden city major move for our company provides a very rare opportunity for development; Shanghai Pangu has chosen us as a strategic partner,but also brought us new opportunities for development. In this regard, the company will make full use of these opportunities, and Genesis Shanghai Pangu sincere cooperation, hand in hand, one is in accordance with the "product positioning, production process route design, production technology and equipment selection, waste gastreatment, construction quality "and other five starting point the requirements, meticulous organization, accelerateprogress, good overall relocation project construction plant for the early completion of production. Second, withShanghai Pangu company in business management, project finance and capital operation and other advantages, thenew company is good, work well, as soon as possible to achieve the strategic objectives of Xuelong bigger andstronger.

After the signing ceremony, the leaders posed for pictures with both main representative.

Signing ceremony

General Tao speech at the signing ceremony

Luo Hong, vice mayor delivered a speech at the signing ceremony

General Tao Zhao and Shanghai Pangu creation successful signing of the agreement